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Especially for Primary 6 students currently scoring Bs/Cs for Key PSLE subjects and would like to score A's for the upcoming PRELIMS & PSLE 2020

Scoring Bootcamp

What is ISUN proprietary

FAST scoring system?

2 Hours are all our TOP coaches need to allow your child to familiarise each KEY PSLE TOPICS question types.

If your child is still struggling academically, just let them spend 2 hours and witness their transformation for yourself.

ISUN is More than
"Just a Tuition Centre"

For more than 10 years, ISUN has always been living by the quote, “Our attitude in life determines our altitude in life”. In light of the recent changes to our education system and the way education will be perceived, the learning experience of your child would be critical. ISUN believes that your child’s character and attitude towards learning will greatly determine the results he/she will be getting.


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trategies &



With the current situation, there is a need for students to shift to a self-learning and self- exploratory mode to figure the way out. However with a structured approach, they might struggle less and will be able to learn with laser-like focus, knowing what exactly comes out for exams. 

What is the problem that you are facing for PSLE end year preparation?

What is ISUN Methodology?

ISUN is known for helping PSLE students with an ABC framework that includes the essential puzzle for them to ACE their exams.

The 3 Segments in the framework are:

Power A* checklist 

Gives clarity to students what are the questions types to master in each topic 

Proprietary learning tools 

Its not just about giving them great tools, but how they receive the instructions to use the tools are equally important 

Database of questions

Organised by question type of each topic 

So what are we doing in this FAST scoring sessions? We are going to zoom in to part ‘c’ of the system to teach them:

The question types in each segment / topics

Skills/keywords answering to each of the question type

The coaches have organised countless of books, past year papers, PSLE papers to organise the types of questions and drill the essence of each topic with simple strategies. SAVE THE TIME OF FIGURING OUT WHAT TO STUDY. Know exactly what question types will be tested for exams! 

Full Transition to Online Lessons

Isun Live TV

In view of the recent circuit breaker measures and transitioning into full home-based learning, your child will be attending our online lesson for these sessions

We have chosen the topics based on the experience

of having transformed over 3,717 students

All the selected topics are of high weightage and killer segments for most students. It is highly recommended that the students select a full range from the same subject to ensure mastery. However, if your child is already an A student, then he/she can just choose based on areas of weakness. You don’t need to leave it to fate. This is the best chance to get clear of what is expected for each topic! 

Available Sessions

Choose the sessions based on your child's weakest topics

You can choose any sessions among the 4 subjects

Master Question Answering Techniques

Our Coaches will impart valuable question answering techniques for all the common PSLE question types.

Gain access to our Secret Scoring Sheets (S3)

Important keywords and concepts that leads to scoring for each question types will be tackled.

Engaging Coaches

Our Coaches has a solid track record in transforming results for PSLE

Maximum 18 students per session

What is in each
Drilling Session

Only $100 Per Session (2hrs)

  • 30 Online Classes (30 x 2 hrs)
  • Get access to recording for the 30 online sessions


30 Online Sessions

Value Package

Session Fees

Terms and Conditions:

  • Purchased sessions can be used across all subjects
  • Strictly no make-up and replacement for sessions
  • Maximum 18 students per session
  • Seats on a first come first serve basis
  • Classes would be conducted via zoom


Star Package

16 Online Sessions

Only $112.50 Per Session (2hrs)

  • 16 Online Classes (16 x 2hrs)
  • Get access to recording for the 16 online sessions


8 Online Sessions

Only $125 Per Session (2hrs)

  • 8 Online Classes (8 x 2hrs)
  • Get access to recording for the 8 online sessions

We offer money back guarantee. If your child doesn’t benefit from the first session, we will deduct $125 and refund the rest to you!

For the past 3 years conducting drilling classes, we only have 1 refund case and that because the student is already scoring A* even before joining our bootcamp. We hope to keep this good record by providing quality coaching classes that benefit the children.

Money Back Guarantee


The Science Strategist

P5/P6 Science

Your Experienced & Engaging Coaches


The Math Enthusiast

P5/P6 Math


The Chinese Shifu

P5/P6 Chinese

The English Exceptionalist

P4/P5/P6 English


Some Feedback of our ISUN Live

Here's more testimonial from our workshop

“…. Lisu, do you know that after the very very first lesson we had together, I was so so motivated to get ALL my misconceptions right and suddenly had a passion for science. I still remember that during my very first lesson, we did a heat S3 (Secret Success Strategies). By the way, all the S3 that I made were one of the reasons my concepts became clearer. I will treasure my S3 forever. My experience with ISUN was absolutely fantastic and I will never forget them. I really thank you for all you have done for me and I will always be grateful towards you. I will never ever forget ISUN, your fantastic teaching and you ....”

Lizanne Lim | Yew Tee Primary School to Nanyang Girls High

".... Hi Samantha, You are more than a coach! I am most grateful for your coaching as it helped me. You gave us S3 (Secret Success Strategies) to ‘cheat’ in exam. I think the most enjoyable activity is you making jokes to make us laugh and go hyper. 

You motivated me to do my best and give my 101% everytime when I am in school. I have more confidence in my exams as your videos have motivated me. I got a C grade to B grade in only 3 months! Thank you for coaching me! I appreciate it!  ...."

Chung Zhen Ming | Grades transformed from C to B

".... Hi Julius, Thank you for teaching me. What I enjoyed most in your lessons is your energetic personality every lesson. Thank you for replying to my whatsapp text on questions I the solutions clearly needed help on. I am grateful for you for always explaining to me if I do not understand the questions. You are a great coach and I will try my best to prove to you that I can get an ‘A’  ...."

Adrian Aw | Grades transformed from D to A

“…. I really like ISUN’S Holistic approach in coaching Kendrick, starting him through his tough PSLE journey. Kendrick’s improvement is evident academically, and most importantly, positively in his attitude towards battling in this challenge. To me, the latter is priceless because this management of his first big challenge in his life, shall shape and mould him the way his faces all his life challenges ahead of him in future.

Lastly, thank you all the ISUN coaches, especially Coach Lisu, for coaching Kendrick wholeheartedly! ....”

"....  I never believed in tuition for my children. However, a student’s testimonial about ISUN got me curious and I attended a preview with my daughter. We have never looked back since. 

In a short few months, she is more confident, doing better and loves the family environment in ISUN. It is a blessing indeed that we stumbled upon ISUN this way ...."

Goh Wan Pin | Mother of Khor Yu En

Not Convinced?

".... We signed Shannon up for ISUN coaching with the sole purpose to instill back her interest back in learning. And for sure, our objective was met and Shannon was given even more. Always looked forward and diligently attending classes. I am proud that she persevered. I am certain that the effort and continual encouragement by all the coaches did the transformation. Learning had became easier and fun despite the PSLE pressure. In ISUN, the cohort effort by the coaches, students, make the student realize they are in “it” together jointly to do well to embark on their first academic milestone on the PSLE journey. This meant a lot for the kids and I am very thankful for ISUN for their help on this academic coaching journey ...."

Mother of Shannon

Xavier Wang | Father of Kendrick

“…. Having been in ISUN for about 1 year, I feel that ISUN is very different from other tuition centres. There is a lot of motivation and the teacher actually wants to help you. I got a shock after receiving my grades for my SA1, which was 56 marks. So I worked really hard and under coach Julius guidance and coaching, I managed to score 76 for prelims. It’s not the best, but I will work harder for PSLE. One of the things I enjoyed most in ISUN is the making of our S3. Not only have they helped me in my grades, they also helped me to become a neater person. I want to thank the ISUN community for helping me make it through P6. I hope I can give back to ISUN in the future. ....”

Jaedon | Grades transformed from C to A

".... What I enjoy most in coach Sam class was the I READ I USE I SCORE series. The best thing about this notes is that I get to see how people write their compo and matching the topic, also to compare between my compo and other’s compo.

Coach Sam has helped me in my grammar MCQ to reach from average 5 to 9 now. I will worked hard to get full marks.

Throughout my time in ISUN, I think coach Sam is one of my favourite coach. What makes it that is your jokes and others. When I was going through my prelim grammar MCQ, I was surprised that I only got one mistake. Thank you for that, I really appreciate it! What you have taught me for the past 10 months!  ...."

Dawson | Grades transformed from D to B


Hear some of the most commonly asked questions by our parents

Can I sign up my child for 8 sessions first then TOP up the difference for the 16 sessions later?

You can sign up for 8 sessions first. However if your child finds the session fruitful, you could sign up for another 8 sessions later on but not TOP up the difference of the 16 sessions. 

Eg. If you get 8 sessions first: $1000, 

Then TOP up 8 sessions later: $1000 

Total cost for 16 sessions:  $2000 

If 16 sessions are committed upfront: $1800 (Save $200!) 

If my child is scoring A, is he/she suitable for the program?

In fact even A students do not know clearly how many types of questions are there in each topic. These session can allow them to be crystal clear on what to work on next for the selected topics.

What if I only need 10 sessions instead of 16 sessions?

Then the rate will be based on 8 sessions rate instead of 16 session rates. 

i.e. 10 sessions = $1250

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  • Purchased sessions can be used across all subjects
  • Strictly no make-up and replacement for sessions
  • Maximum 18 students per session
  • Seats on a first come first serve basis
  • Classes would be conducted via zoom
  • Sign up now before the seats run out!

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