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Signature PSLE Academic Coaching Program 



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We are the 1st to make academic excellence coupled with Persona coaching by putting the smile back into learning

Our Signature PSLE Academic Coaching Program has helped over 3,523 students from over 160 schools for the past 10 years. 100% of our students who joined in March 2017 have made minimal 2 grades improvements* in key PSLE subjects.

Signature PSLE Academic Coaching Program 

that is running for the 11th Year

Find out if my child is suitable for

Find out if my child is suitable for

Witness the Instant change in your Child's Energy.

The Power of
Continuous Pursuit of Excellence

Every student has a way of using the learning tool. Using the learning tool in the right way is more important than having the right learning tool.

The Power of
Mastering The Learning Tool

Every marker has guidelines to award marks. There are untaught techniques to assist your child to score with ease.

The Power of
Effective Answering to Score Easily

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Signature PSLE Academic Coaching Program

Real Students, Real Parents, Real Success Stories

“….Over the course of the few months when he was in ISUN, I notice that he grew from someone who was very happy with a ‘B’, or ‘C’ even, to someone that now, cannot be satisfied if he didn’t give his best.

Over the short time when he tasted his first success, he found that he no longer want to go back to being mediocre and I think I really have the coaches in ISUN to thank for this.”

C to A* in 3 months

Steven Tan | Father of Andrew

“…I scored a ‘C’ grade for both her Math and Science, and within 6 months when she did her prelims in school, she scored ‘A’ for both subjects and in PSLE, she scored ‘A*s’ for them! And that is really a dream come true for Karyn…”

C to A* in 6 months

Karyn Tan | ISUN Graduate

Find out if my child is suitable for

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Pursuit of Academic Excellence

Ever since the first day I came to ISUN, I have fallen in love with the cool and interesting teaching methods that the coaches use so as to help their students to do well in their studies. ISUN provides a wide variety of S3, which have many notes and important information which have benefitted me causing my examination results to JUMP BY 30 marks from my P6 CA1 to Prelims! ...


I have also become more confident and am no longer afraid of attending Science examinations! Now I aim to get A* for Science in PSLE, which I totally believe that I can achieve! ISUN coaches always encourages us and tell us that we can do it! (Getting good results! ..." 


Farrel Lim, P6 2017


"...the knowledge that you shared with me has really helped me improve my science. It has also changed the way I look at Science by 180 degree. Last time, I always dislike Science. With all the words we had to write in booklet B and the time consuming booklet A. However, joining your class, your method to do booklet A and and B has inspired me to do the same. I know that following your way, I know that I can do very well for PSLE. I will do my best in PSLE and hope to get an A* for Science. ...The S3 when read, makes it easy for me to learn the Science concept. Me writing myself has also made it easy for me to understand. Normally, I read the S3 3 times before the exam. Once at home, second when going to school, third when in school. By just reading the S3, I have already scored 85.5 for prelim Science. The S3 is indeed really helpful! ..."


Ethan Cheng, P6 2017



Thank you for leading me through my life and helping me achieve A* for PSLE. Without your help, I don't think that I would ever dream about A* in English. Because of you, I was able to gradually improve my weakest subject. I really want to thank you for your support and confidence in me. I have really benefitted from your wonderful lessons and especially your beautifully crafted S3. I made many, or rather, plenty of new friends. I am very inspired by you. In primary 5, I only got 58, but now, thanks to the S3, I got 72 in 3 months. That was a very big jump! Now I am able to see the potential in me to achieve A*! 


Arlene Ann, P6 2017

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